About this programme

In 2015, the Healthy London Partnership (HLP) was launched to make London the world’s healthiest global city and to take forward 13 transformation programmes. 

The Children and Young People’s (CYP) programme vision is for an integrated system for health and care that can be easily navigated by children and young people, their families and health professionals delivering their care. The aim is to achieve the best outcomes for London’s children and young people.

In April 2016, HLP published a set of standards for paediatric critical care (level 1 and 2), aligned to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health policy document, Time to move on. These standards outline the specific levels of high dependency care that should be delivered within district general hospitals (level 1) and more advanced high dependency care within specialist units (level 2).

A key aim of the CYP programme as a result is to develop the workforce in London to enable all paediatric units to deliver level 1 paediatric critical care.

To facilitate this, the Healthy London Partnership secured funding from Health Education England for the development of this dedicated online platform, which aims to support the delivery of best practice paediatric high dependency care and includes access to a wealth of evidence-based eLearning modules, supporting resources and quick reference guides.

Our funding partners

Health Education England (HEE) exists for one reason only: to support the delivery of excellent healthcare and health improvement to the patients and public of England by ensuring that the workforce of today and tomorrow has the right numbers, skills, values and behaviours, at the right time and in the right place.